Advancing Health Equity

Humboldt Park Health Foundation: About Us

We are proud to announce the launch of our new brand identity as Humboldt Park Health, Advancing Health Equity, effective Thursday, January 28, 2021.

As part of the brand identity launch, the Foundation is now Humboldt Park Health Foundation (, and continues its essential role in raising funds to support Humboldt Park Health’s programs and initiatives.

The new name, Humboldt Park Health, reflects the more diverse and inclusive Humboldt Park community of today; one that embraces a range of ethnicities, races, cultures, languages, religions, family structures, and experiences.  

Placing the tagline, Advancing Health Equity, within the new brand identity emphasizes the importance of this objective and our renewed commitment to ensuring that all members of our community have fair and just opportunities to be as healthy as possible, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or zip code. 


Humboldt Park Health, Advancing Health Equity highlights our role in the future of healthcare, while keeping true to our core mission: to proactively engage with the community, provide health education, and promote wellness for all residents, including the elderly, immigrants, undocumented individuals, non-English speakers, the poor, and the uninsured.


Our new brand identity:
  • Honors the diversity of the Humboldt Park community: ethnicity, cultures, religions, languages, family structures, and experiences, by advancing health equity.
  • Signals a rebirth of our legacy, demonstrating commitment to addressing how healthcare is changing, with the focus on the social determinants of health for the communities we serve.
  • Expands the conversation about health to one of total wellness: physical, mental and spiritual.

Humboldt Park Health Foundation: Mission

The Humboldt Park Health Foundation seeks to engage philanthropists, the corporate and foundation community, and civic leaders to help Humboldt Park Health provide high-quality healthcare to the people of Humboldt Park and neighboring communities.

In January 2017, Elizabeth Colón was elected Chair of the Foundation Board, succeeding Adam Boris, who in 2013, led a successful initiative to reenergize the Foundation’s strategic focus, manage foundation funds and operations, and raise well over $1 million in new funds.

These investments – coupled with strong leadership, transparent governance, and operational improvements – have put Humboldt Park Health on a new course for excellence and long-term sustainability. Over the past five years, this leadership has guided HPH into becoming one of the best community hospitals in Chicago, providing patients with excellent and compassionate medical care, regardless of their economic circumstances or insurance coverage.

We are grateful to our donors, community partners, and foundation and corporate sponsors for their commitment and leadership.  With their help and support, we will continue developing new, innovative ways to improve the health of the residents of Humboldt Park and the surrounding West Side neighborhoods of Chicago.

Thanks in large part to generous support from our philanthropic partners, Humboldt Park Health has introduced new services and improved existing ones.

Highlights include:

  • CARE-A-VAN Launch

    The Mobile Medical Care-A-Van provides basic health screenings and immunizations to thousands of Humboldt Park/West Town school children and adults annually.

  • Pediatric Dental Van Launch

    Rolling out the hospital’s new Pediatric Dental Van meets a critical gap in community healthcare services.

  • Maternity Care

    Renovating and restructuring the hospital’s maternity unit ensures that all women and their children receive high quality pre- and post-natal care.

Humboldt Park Health Foundation: Mission

Alexis Matias

Foundation Coordinator

Alexis Matias is the newest addition to the Foundation’s Staff. She wears the title of Foundation Coordinator and has been working closely with the Foundation Team, to help support the mission and vision of the Hospital. With her previous work in virtual assistance and media management, Matias paves the way for the Foundation’s ability to create a strong online awareness! Born to Puerto Rican parents, she brings a deep appreciation and devotion to the neighborhood we directly serve. When not working, Matias is a full-time restaurant connoisseur and enjoys finding new eats around Chicago!

Eduardo Nino

Events Director

A trained Arabist, linguist, and public diplomacy professional with the rank of ambassador, Eduardo’s multicultural talent and sound academic training will be instrumental in growing the universe of sponsors, donor stakeholders, and nurturing institutional relationships for the newly created position of Events Director at the Foundation. Niño holds a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the National University of Singapore. He is bilingual in French and Spanish and works well in Arabic and Hebrew. Eduardo Niño is a long-standing member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Elizabeth Colon

Executive Director

Elizabeth Colón is a prominent figure in the Latino community. As a community leader, servant-leader, and entrepreneur specializing in providing equal access to language services to those who are limited-English proficient, she has devoted many years to non-profit boards and investing in her community. Her passion for serving others is evident in her philanthropic work, volunteerism, and the many years she served on the Humboldt Park Health Foundation Board. Colón currently serves as the President of the National Association of Woman Business Owners (NAWBO) Chicago Chapter, leads the Diversity Committee, and recently returned to work at the Humboldt Park Foundation Department.

Michael Reed

Board Chair

Michael Reed practiced law for over 50 years at the Chicago-based law firm of Vedder Price, where he specialized in the representation of not-for-profit organizations, including public and private foundations and professional associations of health care providers. Recently retired, Mr. Reed serves as a board member and officer of two foundations whose focus is the support of hospitals and other health care institutions, social service agencies, and educational initiatives, all addressing the needs of underserved communities. Reed is a long-time resident of Chicago and a graduate of Kenyon College and Northwestern Law School.

De Leon


Evangeline De Leon is a prominent civic leader with a strong commitment to Humboldt Park Health and many years of experience working in health care, specifically the home health care field. In addition to being an active participant in Foundation initiatives, De Leon is a long-time member of the Philippine Medical Association of Chicago (PMAC), where she has led fundraising efforts for their medical missions.

Jose Suarez


Jose Suarez is a highly successful risk management consultant and account executive with Assurance, a top-50 insurance brokerage, where he specializes in property and casualty insurance with a primary focus on assisting minority-owned construction companies. Suarez began his career as a paralegal in immigration law, working primarily with the Latino community to help undocumented immigrants obtain legal status in the U.S. As a first-generation Latino with a strong connection to the Humboldt Park community and Humboldt Park Health, Suarez also serves on the boards of the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association, the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, the Residential Home Builders Alliance, and Ensemble Españo.