Humboldt Park Health, Advancing Health Equity

We are proud to announce the launch of our new brand identity as Humboldt Park Health, Advancing Health Equity, effective Thursday, January 28, 2021.

As part of the brand identity launch, the Foundation is now Humboldt Park Health Foundation (, and continues its essential role in raising funds to support Humboldt Park Health’s programs and initiatives.

The new name, Humboldt Park Health, reflects the more diverse and inclusive Humboldt Park community of today; one that embraces a range of ethnicities, races, cultures, languages, religions, family structures, and experiences.  
Placing the tagline, Advancing Health Equity, within the new brand identity emphasizes the importance of this objective and our renewed commitment to ensuring that all members of our community have fair and just opportunities to be as healthy as possible, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or zip code. 


Humboldt Park Health, Advancing Health Equity highlights our role in the future of healthcare, while keeping true to our core mission: to proactively engage with the community, provide health education, and promote wellness for all residents, including the elderly, immigrants, undocumented individuals, non-English speakers, the poor, and the uninsured.


Our new brand identity:
  • Honors the diversity of the Humboldt Park community: ethnicity, cultures, religions, languages, family structures, and experiences, by advancing health equity.
  • Signals a rebirth of our legacy, demonstrating commitment to addressing how healthcare is changing, with the focus on the social determinants of health for the communities we serve.
  • Expands the conversation about health to one of total wellness: physical, mental and spiritual.

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