Post-COVID-19 Clinic

Humboldt Park Health's Post-COVID-19 Clinic is now open for patients experiencing lasting COVID-19 symptoms weeks to months after they recover. This condition is called "Long COVID-19", "Long-haul COVID-19", or "Post-COVID-19".

Long-term symptoms can affect anyone – young, old, those who were healthy, those with chronic conditions, people who were hospitalized, and those who weren’t. These symptoms can include: fatigue, headache, shortness of breath or a cough, chest pain, loss of taste or smell, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, chills and fever.

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Led by Dr. Emelita Co, our Post-COVID-19 Clinic team evaluates symptoms, connects patients with the right specialists, and provides resources and support for patients in the recovery process.

To schedule an appointment call: (888) 624-1850


Dr. Emelita Co, Internal Medicine

Humboldt Park Health presents Dr. Emelita Co, the Primary Care Provider and the new Post-COVID-19 Clinic lead physician. Dr. Co has practiced in the Chicago area for over 30 years. Dr. Co is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and is board certified through the American Board of Internal Medicine.

"I am here to help. If you have signs or symptoms of unexplained fatigue, generalized weakness, unexplained shortness of breath, unexplained chest pain or other unexplained symptoms that are preventing you from doing things to the best of your abilities, schedule your appointment today." - Dr. Emelita Co